What is Drop Stitch Technology?

Drop stitching seems to be just about everywhere in the world of inflatables nowadays. While it’s generally understood that drop stitch equates to high-pressure design, increasing performance and stability, most information doesn’t go beyond that. So just how does drop stitch work?


Drop stitching is the process of weaving thousands of fibres between the outer layers of your SUP, kayak floor, or inflatable boat. As you inflate your craft, these fibres pull tight and stop the walls from bulging like a balloon or a lilo. In turn, this allows you to inflate your board or kayak to a higher pressure as the even distribution across the board gives you a stable platform. 

Without these drop stitches, the pressure would build in certain areas and put extra stress on the seams of the board. 

Check out our video to find out more and to see drop-stitching in action.


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